Mastering the mind for optimal


Mindset a muscle. Train it!

You devote hours and hours in training your body, but how much time do you spend training your mind?

More and more athletes and sports teams are turning to sports psychology and performance coaching to improve their mental game and give them the edge in training and competition.

In performance coaching we work on the mental processes that will enhance your athletic performance – both to attain peak performance in the moment, and to achieve and sustain high performance over the long-term.

Some of the areas to consider when thinking about mindset:

  • Finding your zone of optimal performance: finding your state of flow – getting into and stay in the zone.
  • Managing your self-talk: dealing with negative thoughts and focusing on a positive state of mind to keep on track before, during and after your competitions.
  • Balancing training and recovery: balancing training load with daily life stress to optimise recovery.
  • Developing adaptive mental strategies: mental strategies to use during training and competition